Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Dowry' & 'Domestic Violence' in the Context of Tribal Women

Dear All,

The 16 days Violence Against Women Fortnight is celebrated from 25th November to 10 December every year. There are many days which are specifically relevant to women in large and some Indian women / community in particular.

• 25 Nov - International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
• 26 Nov - Anti Dowry Day
• 1 Dec - World AIDS Day
• 3 Dec - Bhopal Gas Tragedy Day Against Corporate Crimes
• 6 Dec - Babri Masjid Destruction - Anti Communalism Day
• 10 Dec - International Human Rights Day

The elections in Jharkhand are going to create some trouble in observation / celebrations of these days, yet the Mahila Hinsa Pratirodh Pakhwara Samanvay Samiti has been formed by several women organisations to carry out some amount of awareness / advocacy on violence against women issues during the fortnight. Many activities are planned for rural and urban spots such as schools, colleges, etc.

Gender, Livelihoods and Resources Forum (GLRF) will be organising a discussion to observe the Anti Dowry Day as part of the Samiti's planned activities. The details for the event are ..

Theme - Understandings on 'Dowry' & 'Domestic Violence' in the Context of Tribal Women
Date - 27th November 2009 (Friday)
Time - 10.00 am to 1.30 pm (discussion followed by lunch)
Venue - Vikas Maitri, PN Bose Compound, Ranchi

You are requested to confirm your participation so that we are able to make arrangement for refreshments. We do not have any resources to support the travel or stay of outstation participants.
Do tell us about the programs you are organising as part of the 16 days fortnight.

With Best Regards
Praveer Peter
Co-Founder GLRF

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Women's Tribunal Against Poverty 2007

In the Women’s Tribunal Against Poverty on the occasion of Poverty Eradication Day on 17th October 2007, the team of GLRF voiced the concerns of the tribal women. Priyasheela Besra, Founder Trustee of Saheli Adhyayan Kendra and core member of GLRF shared the testimonies on behalf of the thousands of tribal women affected by the loss of tribal land from State and denied by the Community. She called for action by the State and gender just evaluation of customs.

Dr Rose Kerketta played a pivotal role in the whole event as a Jury member. Sharing concerns with Kamla Bhasin, Ruth Manorama, Dr Rukmini Rao, Nikhil Dey and others, she helped in bringing the commonality of exploitation and poverty faced by different cultural communities and the need for them to come together, to strengthen each other’s movement.

Anna Soren and Mansi Dungdung interacted with the participants and distributed their booklets to them seeking their support.

Later in the evening the group presented the cultural expression at the stage provided at the Janadesh 2007 organised by the Ekta Parishad. The songs of Birsa Munda and Siddhu Kanhu, and those regarding the movement to create a new conscious adivasi society for Jharkhand made everyone join the dance.

On 18th October the team sat with other CWLR members from across other areas and cultural contexts (Muslim, Hindu, Tribal from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu) to analyse the steps so far and make further strategies for the next few months. The discussions on tribal theme gave a call for establishing women resource centres in various rural / urban areas to counter the effects of unsafe migration from where various services and trainings can reach out to women.

The two days participation has boosted the energies of the group, and there has been much analysis on unity of struggle between women from various cultures. The team from Jharkhand was especially delighted to meet tribal women sisters from West Bengal and Assam. While language was one common point between them, the other was the poverty and the struggle from patriarchy, also faced by them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About this Space on GLRF

Johar !

Welcome to the world of discussions and sharings focused on gender issues amongst tribal community. This is an attempt to 'broaden our collective as thinkers and actors' on the issue, so that we can all learn from each other and strengthen the issue further.

While GLRF attempts to link land & resource rights for tribal women as the central point of all gender inequity making its entry in the tribal community, it has not forgotten patriarchy can take various shapes and forms – from globalisation 'thrusted' to feminisation of poverty to violence against women in the name of customs. Reforms, actions and struggles are required at various levels depending on the stakeholders we are dealing with.

There are hundreds of attempts being tried to create a better world for tribal women - from the tribal identity protection perspective, from women's right perspective, from the perspective of community control over natural resources, from labour rights perspective in this globalised economy and ... But still there is a common dream – to establish a society based on justice. (And this includes gender justice issues in tribal community).

Please give time to read and respond to the messages posted, so that we can do some bit of ‘impact’ on the issue. You may send responses at gender.and.livelihoods@gmail.com.

Looking ahead for establishing gender equity beyond the usual tribal scene of

men and women dancing together ! Let us give due respect to culture but stand for gender justice in this era of increasing globalization and patriarchy !!

In solidarity with all small and big efforts.
Best Wishes